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Filmmaker - Director 

Diego Portillo is an entrepreneur and multidisciplinary artist based in Mexico City, who is always looking into new ways to express his passion for literature, Mexican culture, and storytelling. ​

Diego’s multidisciplinary work explores areas ranging from photography, aerial photography, film, writing, direction, production, and project management. 

In addition to his solo work, Diego is the co-founder, communications manager and main drone pilot of AV Drones, a company specializing in the creation and production of digital media content for business of all sizes in Mexico. 

His visionary perspective has earned him opportunities to work with big production companies and direct projects of his own. He has developed complex visual concepts for advertising campaigns, television ads and films. 

Diego can work both as a solo multidisciplinary artist capable of contributing to any media production, or as creative director capable to offer all staff and equipment necessary to develop any type of digital or media project. 

Either way, he takes each project as an enjoyable challenge and a possibility to learn more about cinema.

He is happiest living in Mexico City, but also likes traveling. Diego loves spending time with family and friends, good conversations and food, practice any kind of sports, read and write short stories and walk the city while taking photos with his camara.

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